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Windsor Park Community League



In 2018 the Windsor Park Community League’s Sustainability Committee launched a series of monthly education seminars on environmental stewardship and sustainable living. Hoping to lead by example, they now seek to install a 11.5 kW solar PV system on their community league building, along with a dual Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station in their parking lot.

The proposed installation builds on a partnership with the Yellowhead Tribal Development Council Foundation that had their community building serve as a training site for a solar design course run for indigenous youth. Using a design developed by students in the course, this project will allow for further development of student skills in solar installation. Students would receive further training in the form of a 5-day program and participate in the installation of the solar system under the guidance and supervision of Newo Global Energy.

With excellent southern exposure, the solar roof-mount system will provide a visible and practical symbol of Windsor Park’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the health of future generations. The charging stations will be a publicly accessible complement to the solar system. The use of solar power – over the coal powered electricity that supplies most of Edmonton – will be a meaningful way to promote and support the substantive infrastructure needed for a sustainable energy transition.

Recognizing that solar electricity is one small part of the challenging and complex transition that lies before us, the training and installation are being complemented by a series of education seminars to raise awareness in their neighbourhood about the need to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.