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Yellowhead Tribal Development Foundation



This project follows Yellowhead Tribal Development Foundation’s (YTDF) first Indigenous youth jobs training course in clean energy, recently completed in March 2018. The purpose of the program was to prepare Indigenous youth in the Edmonton area to enter the emerging clean energy sector. With support from EcoCity Edmonton, YTDF would like to build on their program in the following four ways:

(1) 72 kW Solar Installation & Training Program

They will install a 72 kW solar system at Yellowhead Tribal College in Edmonton. Their first training revealed the need for more hands-on experience to build a solid foundation of practical work skills for the solar industry. This installation helps combine their current training programs with significant on-the-job experience that helps students develop industry-ready skills.

(2) System Design for Alexis First Nation School

This Edmonton area school would be the location for a subsequent training. To prepare, YTDF will complete a system design for the school, including cost and structural analysis.

(3) Solar Liaison for First Nations communities in greater Edmonton area

The YTDF would like to build their capacity to do more solar projects in the future. Recently, they identified a graduate of their program who would be ideal to work with these communities to build their collective ability to develop solar energy projects in the future. This person would also continue to develop their knowledge of the solar industry by working on other solar projects in the Edmonton area in partnership with Newo Global Energy.

(4) Research and Development for Net Zero Training Program

Recognizing that solar energy is one part of greater systemic challenges, they wish to develop their clean energy program to include housing construction, particularly net-zero homes – something that is of particular need on First Nation communities across Canada.