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Inside Education



Inside Education envisions future generations of engaged stewards who think critically about our environment and natural resources, and their complex relationship with our economy and society. Their mission is to help teachers and students better understand the science, technology and issues related to our environment and natural resources.

Inside Education’s youth climate summits provide an opportunity for junior high and high school student leaders from across Alberta to investigate, experience and engage in a solutions-focused approach to climate change in Alberta. These programs educate and inspire young people as they learn Alberta has many innovative, world-class and “game changing” approaches to a lower carbon future. By engaging in these experiences hundreds of student leaders participating in five learning experiences will also develop, implement and evaluate more than 40 education and action plans that will affect change in schools, homes and communities all across our province.

Inside Education’s Youth Climate Summits will be held in four communities across Alberta in the 2018-19 school year, and in their award-winning provincial Generate Youth Energy and Climate Leadership Summit March 2019