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Alberta's Wildlife Education Project

Inside Education’s programs will draw attention to both the issues and related innovations related to wildlife by delivering a comprehensive wildlife education program that will provide multiple touch points and real-world experiences for both students and teachers.

Connecting young people with the natural world is an important theme of each of their programs, and engaging in topics that feature Alberta’s wildlife species as the lens through which students will be engaged is an important strategy.

Further, by demonstrating the positive action being done in Alberta for wildlife and their habitats they hope to instill an underlying message of hope when it comes to Alberta’s landscapes and the wildlife that rely on them; in turn these young people might continue to be engaged in personal action – even career paths – that help secure a conservation ethic. Engaging in these current, relevant and meaningful experiences while connecting to the Alberta Program of Studies (curriculum) will have a lasting impact as students are empowered to participate as engaged environmental citizens.

The Wildlife Education project has 3 components that will work in conjunction to increase participation and, engagement while encouraging positive action in schools across Alberta related to wildlife and habitat:

  • Increase participation

  • Increase engagement

  • Encourage positive action


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