Climate Change

Assessment of Wildfire Risks and Hazards using Crowdsensing

University of Alberta – Assessment of Wildfire-related Risks and Hazards for City of Edmonton Buildings and Infrastructure using Crowdsensing

There is an urgent need to develop new data-driven methods for monitoring and assessing wildfire-related risks and hazards in the major urban areas, like Edmonton.

These data are needed for modeling and forecasting systems that aim to protect the built environments and critical infrastructure.

This research will develop a framework for assessing wildfire-related risks on urban infrastructure and buildings through crowdsourced image/video data from in-vehicle cameras analyzed with state-of-the-art AI algorithms developed by the research group.

The results of these research projects will assist Edmonton, and the region, to improve its work on climate change using local, current and relevant information. All research is shared to a wider network of municipalities worldwide.