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BioDIVERSITY Breaking Social Barriers for Environmental Action

Group of people exploring nature

The world of conservation is shifting. Organizations, academics, and individuals in Alberta are realizing that conservation and social justice goals belong side by side.

At CPAWS Southern Alberta, they believe this work is long overdue for themselves and Alberta’s conservation community as a whole.

By working closely alongside partners from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities and new immigrant groups, CPAWS Southern Alberta hopes to change the reality of colonial environmentalist culture by promoting diverse voices, framing nature as a positive space for all, and removing barriers against taking eco-action.

CPAWS Southern Alberta recognizes that decolonization and social justice are the future of conservation and commits to a healthy, resilient, wild Alberta for all. CPAWS is looking forward to working with Alberta Ecotrust to spark even more BIPOC smiles and faces in nature and conservation.