Ghost River


Watershed Education Related Outreach

People on a hillside overlooking Ghost River

The recent surge in activity in the Ghost Watershed related to COVID-19 conditions amplifies the need for watershed stewardship.

The Ghost Watershed Alliance Society will engage with people online and along the Ghost River to communicate how human actions connect to watershed health.

Children, youth, and adults will gain an appreciation of where their water comes from and how healthy landscapes form the basis for a healthy watershed, providing ecological goods and services to society.

They will know they have initiated a change in perspective by the feedback they receive, especially related to how participants shared their learning with family and friends, and by a growth in the number of people actively involved in watershed stewardship.

Whether along the Ghost River or at their computer, people of all ages will gain a better appreciation of the importance of functioning and in-tact source watersheds along Alberta’s Eastern Slopes.

Photo credit: Mike Murray