Climate Change

Circular Cities

Circular Economy represents a new paradigm for the environment and economy that is shown to have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and material consumption. Global research on circular cities will permit the Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) to establish a foundation of case studies and successful initiatives for Albertan cities, of various sizes, to learn from. 

The RCA’s Circular Cities project will significantly increase cities’ awareness and understanding of waste reduction, resource conservation and climate change in Alberta. Cities engaged throughout the project and those that tackle circular economy implementation at the end of the project will have increased knowledge on the current impacts of our traditional linear economy and potential mitigating initiatives. Thus, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and stimulating a circular economy, directly assisting the RCA with achieving our mission of promoting and facilitating waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation in the Province of Alberta.

Determined by the outcome of the research and applicability of the initiatives, the implementation plan will include innovative ways and possibly even new technologies for cities to pilot and eventually adopt. The final plan will also include a range of potential policies for cities to enact to further assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Successful implementation will result in the commitment of a foundational group of municipalities of various sizes to develop a Circular Cities Roadmap that outlines their target areas and approaches to transition to a Circular Economy. These municipalities will receive assistance through the Roadmap process, and will become Success Stories for other communities to model.