Climate Change

Creating a Carbon Emission Free Commercial Kitchen in the new Centre Polonia

Polish Heritage Society

For over 120 years Edmonton's Polish community has created lasting legacies in all facets of our community: churches, schools, community halls, government, medicine. As Edmonton grew from a small community to the thriving metropolis it is today, members of our Polish families settled in all corners of the city and surrounding areas. Over 72,000 Edmontonians now identify as Polish. Our community is large and proud and now we have the opportunity to share and showcase the Polish experience for all Edmontonians, to create a place where we can be proud of our roots and celebrate and share our culture.

This 18,000 square foot  CentrePolonia , will rise as a beacon to our vibrant community; a community hub that the Polish community will call home. With an authentic Polish restaurant, cafe and bar, classrooms, dance studio, and meeting rooms for community groups. CentrePolonia will be a destination not only for our community but for all Edmontonians. We are proud to be leaders in zero emission building development that will see the construction of a zero-emission building, highlighted by an all-electric induction kitchen, geothermal heating and green electricity throughout the structure.