Grande Prairie

Climate Change

Energy Education Climate Action Project

Child sitting at a desk looking at a circle graph on a piece of paper and laptop

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) and GreenLearning Canada will work with the Grande Prairie Public School Division to utilize circuit level energy metering technology to help make learning about energy meaningful for students.

We will work with two schools and the school division will install the technology and adapt the software to provide student friendly dashboards for accessing energy use data online. Students will be able to se energy use in real-time and they can immediately see impacts of turning things off or unplugging items. Students can explore how they use energy over time.

ACEE and GreenLearning will support the teachers by providing online learning materials and virtual sessions. We will ensure teachers and students have an understanding of energy use and how best to utilize the technology to enhance student learning and to create an action plan to reduce energy consumption in the two schools.

These classrooms will engage other students in their schools and the school board can use this to further develop plans to use this technology to enhance student learning around energy efficiency and conservation.