Climate Change

Energy and Employment Project

Two people crouched beside a rooftop solar array


In Progress

Bissell Centre will build on the success of its previous pilot initiative which was to add a solar array to one of their facilities (Bissell West) and in the process offer training and work opportunities to community members in Bissell Centre’s Casual Labour program.

The goal of the current project is to offer additional training, broaden their renewable energy sector engagement (to create more employment opportunities) and improve the energy efficiency of additional sites. Bissell Centre owns 5 facilities in Edmonton and area: Bissell East and West (downtown), Bissell Thrift Shop (118th Ave), Beverly United Church (Beverly) and Moonlight Bay Centre (Wabamun Lake).

There are several complimentary components to this project:

  1. Energy Audits: Bissell Centre has an energy audit completed for Bissell West, but this project would invest in audits for the additional sites. This, along with Bissell’s Corporate Climate leaders baseline, will provide the basis for which changes to prioritize.
  2. Employment Training: For Casual Labourers on efficiency upgrade installation and solar installation.
  3. Employment: Bissell Centre and its contractors would hire Casual Labourers from our Employment Service program to perform the work required at Bissell Centre sites. This is a requirement of all contracts for this project.
  4. Facility Upgrades: The exact upgrades will be determined through the energy audits and subsequent energy management plans for the sites. However, these upgrades will be led by licensed contractors in addition to our own internal capacity. All work will be performed with the engagement of individuals who have completed employment training through the Casual Labour program.

This project contributes to the City of Edmonton Energy Transition Strategy by contributing to the goal of reducing Bissell Centre facilities’ carbon footprint, diversifying Bissell’s energy source and doing so in a just and equitable way by creating employment opportunities for vulnerable Edmontonians.