Bow Valley

Land Use

Increasing Engagement and Reflection of Diverse Bow Valley Community Members in Conservation

Dramatically growing visitor numbers to the Bow Valley during the Covid-19 pandemic, escalating threats to the Alberta’s Eastern Slopes, and the need to increase our understanding of the barriers that under-served, culturally and ethnically diverse communities face in relation to safe access to nature and conservation advocacy, all contribute to the urgency of this pilot project to better reflect and engage with those communities.

Y2Y will build trust and ‘bridges’ with diverse local groups:

  • work with them to explore and address barriers, needs, and gaps

  • engage community members directly in wildlife tracking workshops to increase their connection to nature and their environmental literacy

  • and reflect their stories and lived experiences in relation to nature and conservation through collaborative multi-media communications.

Y2Y expects to see growing, measurable engagement with groups and individuals in the Bow Valley, with:

  • positive feedback and learnings

  • a suite of materials and stories that better reflect the diversity of our society

  • and, ultimately, a broader network of diverse voices speaking up for nature across the Bow Valley and Alberta.

Photo credits: Karsten Heuer and Kelly Zenkewich