Climate Change

Net-Zero Pathways Program

The aim of Iron & Earth's Net-Zero Pathways project is to provide career transition options from a carbon-dependent economy to a net-zero economy, and to communicate the corresponding benefits of this transition to communities across Canada. Edmonton has a variety of strong province-wide assets for clean energy transition, and Edmontonians are open to the discussion and the potential benefits, with 70% agreeing that the transition towards net-zero provides job opportunities. With this in mind, Iron & Earth is launching our Net-Zero Pathways program with Edmonton as its pilot region. This is a capacity-building plan that supports local workers with the skills needed for these climate solution projects, and directly addresses the challenges employers experience in trying to recruit skilled workers by providing a workforce solution from an inclusive and diverse pool of local talent. Net-Zero Pathways jobs are long-term, sustainable positions that keep workers in their communities, therefore are less polluting and contribute to the development of resilient, net-zero communities. Our pilot program is designed to offer participants an upskilling program of 10 days, and a 6-week experiential learning opportunity with local net-zero employers. The program will be particularly relevant to post-secondary students, fossil fuel industry workers, Indigenous community members and business owners. We aim to create more than a project. We envision an environment where this kind of reciprocal relationship between community, its workers, training organizations, and employers is fully implemented in regions across Canada.