Climate Change

Phase Two: Exploring Emerging Economic Opportunities in SW Alberta

Their project, Phase Two: Exploring Emerging Economic Opportunities with local stakeholders in Southwestern Alberta, will continue to develop a model of how communities in Alberta might maximize nature-based economic opportunities, serving as a vital lifeline for communities. The first phase of the project brought together diverse community stakeholders to advise the development of a socio-economic assessment of the SW Alberta region. This second phase builds on this work by integrating the views, ideas and experiences of community members into the project.

The findings of the socio-economic assessment will be used as the foundation for an engagement process with a wide group of community members about the economic future of the region, including how nature can be safeguarded. The final report will provide decision-makers with practical tools and recommendations to broaden and strengthen their economies. It will help local communities by providing clear information about the long-term economic benefits that protection and stewardship of public lands could provide, balancing environmental and economic needs.