Climate Change

Power of Nature: Phase 2

Group of people in Green Calgary t-shirts


In Progress

While many immigrant-serving agencies provide various services, environmental education remains to be a scarce program in the sector.

Power of Nature introduces underserved, marginalized communities, focused on those that identify as low-income or newcomers to Canada, to climate change and energy conservation in an approachable way with everyday actions to reduce its impact.

Green Calgary will continue to partner with established community organizations already serving these marginalized communities to deliver educational sessions and follow-ups in a tailored approach to maximize impact.

Delivered in 1-hour long sessions, our project covers wide range of topics such as Basics of Climate Change, Energy Basics, Renewables and Clean Technology Career Opportunities, and Energy Efficiency.

This project features elements to more accurately capture and encourage behaviour change. This includes administering in-depth surveys on behaviour change as a result of our program.

While we initially planned to conduct follow-up in-person sessions, during COVID-19 we will ask groups of individuals that already attended an educational session to meet virtually to discuss progress, challenges, ideas in implementing the suggested behaviours from our presentations.

Hosted in a trusted setting, Power of Nature aims to improve participants’ environmental literacy and encourage behaviour change.