Climate Change


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In Progress

Alberta is experiencing an urgent and dramatic transition with implications for the environment, economy and the future of Alberta’s youth.

GreenLearning has been working with youth and communities across Alberta since 1986 to ensure that youth are equipped to be drivers of the solutions and architects of their future. GreenLearning’s award winning Re-Energy program turns youth into energy engineers, building their understanding of the potential for renewable energy and clean technologies to have a positive impact by creating sustainable, prosperous and resilient communities.

Re-Energy engages youth as active participants in shaping a low carbon future. In this project, GreenLearning will work with digital marketing experts, school district staff, and like-minded organizations to expand the reach of Re-Energy to engage 3000 youth across Alberta, particularly in rural and Indigenous communities.

This will result in an 80% increase in their own knowledge/understanding of energy issues, and increase in energy efficient behaviours and a transformation of mindsets supporting a transition to clean energy.

The impact of this project will be evaluated through the written and video submissions of participating youth to the culminating Re-Energy Challenge.