Summer Sustainability Series

Two people standing beside a Green Calgary flag and rain barrels.

Delivered in conjunction with the Green Calgary rain barrel program, the Summer Sustainability Series aims to equip new homeowners and everyday Calgarians with knowledge and appropriate tools to save water in their home.

Every summer, Calgary’s water usage goes up by 40% due to outdoor lawn watering and gardening.

Water efficiency is paramount in ensuring our downstream communities have stable water supplies, especially during dry summer months and flooding season. 

Specifically curated to rain barrel owners and new Canadians, who might not be aware of ways to manage their water utility costs, the Green Calgary program empowers them to make sustainable and cost-effective choices while building a strong resilient community through education.

Measuring their success with data collection and post-program survey, the Summer Sustainability Series aims to protect Bow River watershed through providing the tools and education for Calgarians to make water-smart choices.