Local community of practice brings industry together to achieve emissions-neutral buildings in Calgary



Alberta Ecotrust Foundation hosted the inaugural Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange (ENBIX) Calgary Community of Practice event on Feb. 28, 2024 at the Calgary Construction Association.

Communities of Practice are one of the key ways that ENBIX collaborates with government and local professionals working in the building, construction and renovation industry, to accelerate the transition to an emissions-neutral built environment for new and existing buildings across Alberta. ENBIX launched in December 2023 and this event celebrates the creation of the Calgary Community of Practice.

“ENBIX is here to work with the building industry to identify Calgary-specific challenges and opportunities for emissions-neutral buildings, overcome barriers, foster innovation and share success stories,” said Andrea Linsky, Buildings Director at Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and ENBIX Team Lead.

The ENBIX Calgary Community of Practice has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the City of Calgary and industry partners such as the Calgary Construction Association and the Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association.

“The greatest opportunity to achieve greenhouse gas reductions is through our buildings,” says Mayor Jyoti Gondek. “ENBIX is an investment in Calgary-made solutions, building capacity and momentum for emissions-neutral construction that will grow in the years ahead.”

Commercial and residential buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Calgary, representing about 60 per cent of emissions.

“The launch of the ENBIX Calgary Community of Practice marks a pivotal moment in our industry’s commitment to high performance buildings, especially in terms of long-term energy consumption and carbon footprint,” said Bill Black, President and Chief Operating Officer, Calgary Construction Association. “By focusing on realistic solutions, and through collaboration and knowledge sharing, the leaders in our construction industry are taking proactive steps to mitigate our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, cleaner future for Calgary.”

ENBIX is an industry collaboration led by the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, with financial support from its Climate Innovation Fund and from the cities of Calgary and Edmonton.

Calgary professionals interested in joining the Community of Practice can do so by contacting the ENBIX team via enbix.ca/get-involved

For more information visit enbix.ca and subscribe to ENBIX E-News