Webinar: New Environmental Grant Program Focus Areas and Guidelines

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Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is thrilled to announce our 2022 funding opportunities through our Environmental Grant Program. 

Our environmental grants fund projects across the province, supporting our charitable purpose and vision of healthy ecosystems for all Albertans. Throughout the history of the grant program we’ve supported a diverse range of projects and programs, from identifying key biodiversity and conservation areas in Alberta, to engaging Albertans on the issues of climate change and energy transition, to supporting ecological restoration work on farms, creeks, and landscapes across the province. And many, many other important environmental initiatives over the last 30 years.

Our 2022 Environmental Grant Program reflects the recent refreshing of Alberta Ecotrust Foundation’s integrated program framework and responds to the urgency of both the biodiversity and climate crises as well as advancing the circular economy. It is because of these challenges that we offer funding to a variety of organizations doing important work in Alberta.  

Four lenses also emerged from our engagement which inform grant selection as well as grant evaluation and learning, these include: Indigenous voices and equity, systems change, multiple community benefits, and scale.

We are excited to announce two funding streams:

  • Environmental Impact Grant (up to $50,000)

  • Springboard Grant (up to $10,000)

We’ll be launching the intake for Environmental Impact Grants this June and the Springboard Grants this Fall.

Program Details:

The Environmental Impact Grant and the Springboard Grant aim to support initiatives in our four focus areas:

  • Nature-based Solutions & Conservation

  • Climate Resilience & Emissions Reductions

  • Circular Economy

  • Overarching or Foundational 

The grants are open to nonprofits and charities. Municipalities, academia and for-profit and private sector entities may be eligible if partnered with an eligible recipient who is the lead proponent for the project. 

Program details, including eligibility requirements and funding levels will be available early June on our website.

Register for our Information Session Webinar:

We are hosting an information webinar on Tuesday June 7th to help you learn about our Grant Program goals, processes and ask questions. The webinar will highlight the types of projects that will be supported in the four focus areas and challenge statements as well as provide opportunity for participants to consider potential project collaborators or partners.  

We hope you’ll join us for the information session webinar: on Tuesday, June 7th from 10 am to 11 am. Register here.

We encourage you to share the registration link with anyone you think may be interested in applying to this grant program.