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Recycling Council of Alberta


Nearly every piece of plastic ever created still exists in some form today. Plastic debris has contaminated every corner of the planet, is killing wildlife, and is entering our food chain. Led by the Recycling Council of Alberta and facilitated by Plastic-Free YYC, this series will result in an increase in awareness about plastic pollution and a decrease in plastic use.  They plan to do this by implementing Pathway to Plastic-Free, a Calgary-wide webinar series on plastic pollution and solutions featuring local leaders, activities, and concrete tips that will pave a path to being plastic-free both personally and as a community. Each webinar will be free to attend and will collaborate with a different Calgary Community Association or local organization, so we reach a cross-section of the city. After attending a webinar, participants will be empowered to reduce the plastic waste created in their homes and communities and will be equipped to have conversations with their peers about plastic reduction.