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The King's Centre for Visualization in Science



YEG-CCS: Youth Empowering Greater Community Climate Solutions will equip 10 Edmonton schools to demonstrate that students have the power to kickstart community action toward the City of Edmonton’s climate mitigation goals. The King’s Centre for Visualization in Science, an internationally recognized research and dissemination centre of The King’s University in Edmonton, builds on 15 years of research and development of science-based, peer-reviewed, online, interactive climate education tools, such as the Design Our Climate simulation and the International Year of Chemistry legacy site, KCVS work is done by a gifted interdisciplinary team of undergraduate students and faculty.
In collaboration with youth, teachers, and community volunteers, the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science ( will develop a suite of interactive online learning resources and school-community partnerships to help Edmontonians take effective climate action. Youth Empowering Greater Community Climate Action will bring the Community Energy Transition Strategy to life with Grade 7 students at ten Edmonton schools in Fall 2020. Throughout the 2020/2021 school year, these students will engage their school’s neighbourhood in intergenerational learning, creating community connection, hope, and action, as citizens see the economic, health, and lifestyle opportunities offered by the Community Energy Transition Strategy. As seen in the 2019 meteoric rise of youth-led climate awareness and action, empowering youth has important ripple effects. Youth also have the highest stakes in the success and details of implementation of community climate action. Currently, the COVID-19 crisis highlights that communities welcome opportunities to address a global issue and benefit from support to collaboratively identify impactful action. Youth Empowering Greater Community Climate Action in Edmonton, using trusted KCVS visualization resources, will serve as a powerful pilot to inspire communities around the world.