Climate Change

Climate Mitigation and Adaption for Métis Communities

Head office of Métis Nation of Alberta

The Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA) is committed to the development of climate initiatives, due to the negative impacts of climate change on Métis people.

This project is aimed towards the areas of energy efficiency and education. It has two primary components:

  1. Lighting upgrades to the MNA Provincial Office Building in Edmonton and
  2. engaging with Métis communities on MNA climate-related programs and climate actions they can take, at events in the Edmonton area.

The first project component focuses on climate change mitigation, as lighting upgrades will produce a lower carbon footprint and a step towards carbon neural infrastructure.

The second component (education/engagement) is primarily focused on climate change adaptation, encouraging action by urban dwelling Métis.

It will update MNA citizens on the background, current status, and future of the Climate Change Action Plan developed by the MNA, including mentioning of the lighting component of this project. Previous MNA engagement materials will be updated and re-purposed for use here.

The engagements will also provide information on solar energy and energy efficiency tips for the home and business to provide guidance on climate change actions.

Both the lighting upgrades and engagement sessions contribute to the MNA’s climate action plan goals of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing education/awareness of climate change.