Climate Change

Solar Install and LED Retrofit Project

iHuman Youth Society building at sunset

This project aims to mitigate the iHuman Youth Society’s climate impact and operating costs through a series of building retrofits that will also be used as an opportunity to train, employ, and empower its program participants.

The project, which took place at iHuman in downtown Edmonton, included the installation of a 55.6 kW solar system on the building’s roof, the complete retrofit of the building’s lighting to LED, and an upgrade to the roof’s membrane barrier.

In partnership with Newo Global Energy, the Bissell Centre, and Energy Efficiency Alberta, 6 iHuman program participants were trained and compensated for their time in Newo’s 5-day solar training program. Of the trainees, 2 were hired by Newo to complete the solar and LED retrofits at iHuman. Newo also hired 1-2 trainees from past Bissell Centre training programs to aid in the solar and LED retrofits.

This project’s holistic approach allows an infrastructure retrofit to bring greater benefit to a wider community. The main and most important beneficiaries will be the youth who participate in iHuman programs.

Some of the youth will be directly impacted by the training program and employment opportunities; however, all will benefit in some form since iHuman will be reducing its operating costs, which allows more funds to be allocated towards programming.

iHuman will also benefit by developing stronger partnerships with other non-profits in the city, such as Newo and Bissell, to strengthen their programs and their community engagement/connections. It is also an opportunity for iHuman to distinguish itself in the downtown core and to show the corporate high rises around it, a tangible and strong visual of iHuman’s innovation to incorporate green energy infrastructure into its operations.

The project further aligns with the agency’s commitment to action recommendations from the young people that identify land-based teachings for Treaty 6.