Alberta Ecotrust is very excited to launch the new $40 million Climate Innovation Fund. Partnering with the two largest municipalities in Alberta, we will implement a local program framework in each city to identify, invest in, and scale up carbon reduction solutions.

The Climate Innovation Fund is designed to amplify the municipal climate plans in Calgary and Edmonton, providing a tremendous opportunity to continue to build on the strengths of an active and creative climate action ecosystem. As a new program within Alberta Ecotrust, it will build upon organizational strengths while fostering innovative climate action. The Climate Innovation Fund will incubate the seeds of innovation required to ensure Calgary and Edmonton’s future communities and economies are resilient.

Alberta Ecotrust is a member of the Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) network, which consists of seven large municipalities across Canada, supported by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. This means we will be able to share our successes and leverage actions from across the country to ensure Edmonton and Calgary meet their climate targets and that future communities and economies are resilient.

For additional information, please contact Mike Mellross, Program Director at [email protected].